Our ongoing battle with the coronavirus has pretty much banned any fans (except for 250 guests of the team) during Minnesota Vikings home games at U.S. Bank Stadium-- and that means the Vikings are losing a LOT of money this season.

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While the Vikings initially had been holding out hope that a limited number of fans might have been allowed at their remaining four home games at U.S. Bank Stadium, the team put the kibosh on those hopes last week when it announced the current no-fans policy will remain in place for the rest of the 2020 season.

And that is hitting the Vikings where it hurts-- in the bottom line. According to this Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal story, without any screaming purple and gold fans in the stands at U.S. Bank Stadium, the Vikings are on pace to lose over $92 million in game-day related revenue this season, with the majority coming from loss of ticket sales for each of the Vikings' 8 home games.

But it could be even more than that. The story noted that the $92.4 million quoted by the 2020 Fan Cost Index (FCI) by Team Marketing Report, a Chicago-based sports-business intelligence firm, doesn't include in-game sponsorships and advertising losses. And, the MSP Business Journal story said the Vikings haven't responded to an inquiry regarding their actual net income loss.

So we don't really know just how much they're losing-- but suffice it to say, it's a lot. And, according to longtime NFL sportswriter Vic Ketchman, some NFL owners are getting a little worried that we've all become so used to watching the games at home on TV that next year, when the pandemic is over (hopefully!), we won't necessarily be lining up to fork over all that money to buy a ticket to see the game in-person. Interesting!

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