Kate couldn't make her call into the studio this morning because Tri County Humane Society is in the process of moving into their new facility. So, we took the liberty of trying to find Muffin a home and family.


Meet Muffin. Muffin has a deposit but sometimes things don't work out. She was brought to TCHS due to her previous owner not having enough time for her. This sweet lady has been timid with staff since arrival but has warmed up to staff after treats and plenty of loving pets.

Tended to be pretty anxious in the previous home and was fearful of fireworks and loud noises. A Thundershirt would be a great addition to her home, especially during the 4th of July!. She needs an owner willing to work on additional socialization with her to assist in helping overcome her fearful behavior.


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Knows how to sit and lay down on command and is treat motivated. Very energetic and tends to get the zoomies, so an outlet to burn off excess energy would be recommended. She may make a great exercise partner!

She lived with children in her previous home and did great with them. Has not had a chance to meet other dogs and cats. Slow and proper introductions are recommended when introducing her to other pets in the home. She enjoys chewing bones. She will look at you by the door when she is ready to go outside to go potty.

She is kennel trained and was used to sleeping in it at night. Enjoys being by her people. Knows how to shake, sit, and stay. Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, micro-chipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care. DEPOSITS MAY BE PLACED ON ADOPTABLE ANIMALS by calling 320-252-0896

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