I realize I am obsessed with anything that impedes my travel, like left lane cruisers, detours or god forbid, road construction. Road hogs are right up there, too, but this kind of road hog, I've never run into before.

This took place in Woodbury on Sunday at the exit ramp, as reported by FOX9 News. Seems a semi carrying a load of actual hogs had a mishap at the exit ramp along I-494 leading to I-94.

The Minnesota State Patrol said a semi carrying the livestock rolled over on the interchange and spilled a load of hogs out onto the highway.

I would imagine the loose hogs were thinking "free at last" but to their disappointment the Minnesota State Patrol was working Sunday to round up the hogs on the loose and get them on another carrier.

Fortunately, the semi driver, as well as anyone else, were not injured in the rollover. In the MnDOT video you can see the liberated hogs grazing along the roadside and wandering around on the interstate.

Some of the comments on YouTube were entertaining;

Maggie Cunningham
I'd be trying to get tf out of there if I were one of them
 Carter Routh
Not sure where the farm these pigs came from is, but it is very obvious to me that they are used to being around people. They appear to be pretty healthy pigs as well. Whoever raised them took pretty good care of them from what I can see.
Lol I member early 2000’s a truck full of cows crashed off 494 in oakdale and they were roaming in a friends back yard. We helped the cops corner one even. Lol
toomuch sugar
They earned their freedom, leave them be.
Fitness Philosopher
You can just watch the first 10 seconds, and that's pretty much the whole video
uzz uzz
They should be sent to a sanctuary that is the tradition in America anytime an animal fights for his freedom.
Just by luck a truck carrying BBQ grills and BBQ sauce crashed in back of the scene a few minutes later, followed by a van full of butchers heading to the butchers convention in Woodbury. And to top it off a knife salesman stopped to lend a helping hand to all involved in the accident.
Oh just let them go. Eggs and bacon in the morning please:) I suck:(
Remember when 52 bridge was built a semi full of cows overturned. My dad was rounding up cows in the industrial area. Here piggy, piggy
Who else is craving bacon?
Insanely_ Average
will take a side of bacon ,please.
B Xiong
Paul bloom.. pork ribs.. yes pork ribs!!
Alicia Daas

They like being free.

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