Every so often I get a chance to watch the Chew.  The show is very entertaining,and they show you recipes that you could possibly make at home, not weird stuff like Martha Stewart has..you know, stuff you'd never make.  And if you did, you would probably fail at.. miserably.  These are actually easy, fun and probably taste pretty good recipes.

I am, however questioning this one.  When it first started I thought Cheese, that sounds good, and I like garlic.  But then you add the donut part.  WHAT???  First thought- YUCK!  Then I thought WHY?  I mean, these are some interesting choices for flavors involving a donut.  

I know I'm a picky eater, but this is one of those things that I'm actually afraid to try.  Kind of like that time I tried catfish and couldn't even swallow it and it wound up in my napkin like I'm 5 years old.

How about this....you try it first.  See if they are as easy to make as they claim.  Then bring them in to the studio.  I'll have Baxter try them first and let me know.

He should be up for that, right?


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