Let's face it, thing can get a little tense when friends and family gather for the holidays. If not tense, then downright boring. This could be just the thing to spice up your holiday gatherings, gravy infused with THC. Only downside I can see is you may have to cook some extra food and make sure you have lots of pie.

Kiva Confecvtions, now the largest cannabis edible brand in the country, just came out with a fast acting cannabis infused gravy.  This "highly" popular gravy comes in a powder form just like your regular old grocery store gravy. Just add water.


What makes this gravy different from most edibles is it is absorbed by your stomach lining in about 2 to 15 minutes. Normally, edible can take up to 90 minutes, according to a friend (wink).

We, by no means, are suggesting you dose your dinner guests without them knowing. That would not be right and maybe even a waste of some good "enlightening" gravy, just like Grandma never made.

Unfortunately, this gravy is only available in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


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