I've heard of people giving a tree to plant instead of an actual plant or flowers when giving something to someone who has lost a loved one.  That still seems like a great idea.  But how about this... instead of burying your loved one in a cemetery and marking it with a tombstone, choose a tree in a beautiful place to remember your loved one.  That way you can visit a forest with a tree marked for them instead of going to a cemetery. This can be so much more peaceful, and beautiful.

There is a company called "Better Place Forests" and they help family members do just that.  Choose a private tree to spread the ashes and mark the tree with a natural alternative to cemeteries.

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Choosing this option is great for many reasons.  First, let's face it - it's a more beautiful resting place.  Although some cemeteries are really very nice, it's still a cemetery.  Second, there will be a ceremony that will reflect a very unique personality.  And third, choosing this option helps to protect forests.

Better Place Forests is located in the St. Croix Valley Forest, and if you want to learn more about it and see if it is the right decision for you - you can actually take an online tour.  Check out their website for more information.  

Obviously this option isn't for everyone but if you would like to have this done, and you are planning your own end of life options, this is something you may want to consider.

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