Central Minnesota might be hidden under piles of snow right now, but soon it'll melt, and with that will come food truck season. It's probably my favorite season of the year! If you don't enjoy getting your food from a truck, are you even from Minnesota?

The City of Holdingford hosts its annual town festival, Holdingford Daze, at the beginning of July. They celebrate with softball tournaments, inflatables, a street dance, and of course, food trucks.

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This year is no exception. They're actually searching for some new options. According to Holdingford Daze's official Facebook page, "we are looking for a fried food/mini donut vendor(s) for Holdingford Daze July 8th & 9th."

Just reading the words 'mini donut' has got my mouth watering and my mind wandering to summer. l

Do you have a favorite food truck you'd like to see out at the event this year? If so, you should reach out to them and let them know that Holdingford would love to chat!

The event page continued, "If you know of anyone would may be interested please send us and email at holdingfordchamber@gmail.com".

I can think of about 100 food trucks that I'd love to see out there! Would we prefer food on a stick or maybe in a cone? I think that's a trick question...how about both!?

Let us know what kind of food truck you'd love to see out at Holdingford Daze this year by writing to us in the comments.

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