Oh, and here is another thing that is now being limited.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Amazon has halted all shipments of non-essentials.  You can still order things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, etc.  But if you want a new phone case, clothes, or other non essential items, you will have to wait for those.

To make room for toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other items in high demand during the global viral pandemic, Amazon said it is limiting what brands and independent sellers can send to its warehouses for the next three weeks.

Among the products that can be shipped to Amazon include canned beans, diapers, dog food, disinfecting wipes, medical supplies and various household goods. Items like jeans, phone cases and other non-essentials will not be allowed.

The good thing is that they are adding jobs to keep up with orders that they are receiving,  The bad thing is that the third party sellers of things that are considered non-essential right now could suffer.  Also- keep in mind that shipments may take a bit longer than normal. Again, we will all get through this, eventually.

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