Two words that will strike fear into anyone with a fear of clowns.  Clown Convention.  If you are one of those people you may want to steer clear of Bloomington this week.


Other than the Stephen King book and movie "It" I have never really thought much about clowns and why certain people are so afraid of them.  Clowns are supposed to be fun, happy beings that kids have at their birthday parties.  When did they become such a thing to be afraid of?  There is even clown school.  And apparently a clown convention.  I had no idea.

Clowns will be in the Twin Cities area from all over the world.  Seriously.  All. Over. The. World.  Who knew this clown business was such big business?  The art of being a clown has to be learned... taught... and there are rules.

I had no idea.

But I guess if I thought about it, you would have to learn to juggle, walk in those crazy giant shoes, and how to put on the clown make-up.

You go, clown people!!

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