Eric Decker, who is originally from Cold Spring, and was also most recently in the NFL wants everyone to know that he is a survivor.  A survivor of a vasectomy.  Good grief, dude.

Eric Decker Instagram
Eric Decker Instagram
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He and his wife, country singer Jesse James Decker, just had their fourth baby.  Like just a couple of weeks ago, and have apparently decided that is it!  They are done having children.  So, Eric has gone under the knife.  And he has posted it all over Instagram.  I'm guessing that he would first, like you to know that they are done having children, and secondly, he survived, and thirdly would like your sympathy.

There are a few pictures of him deal with his "trauma".


Now, I do understand that it's painful, but hey, try having children!  His wife has pushed out 4 children!!!  Just saying.

So, just by chance if the Deckers come home for Easter, you may see him limping around a bit.  I don't think they are.... but just on that off chance, it could happen.

Anyway, happy Easter to the Decker family, and everyone else.  Hope your "eggs" are still intact!  Ok, bad joke.  He'll be ok.

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