COLD SPRING -- A member of the Cold Spring Police force will now be safer out in the field.

Officer Riley, a Cold Spring police dog, has recently been equipped with a stab and bullet resistant vest. Funds for the vest were donated by Gina Fox of South Haven and the non-profit, Vested Interest in K9s.

Acting Police Chief Jason Blum says the idea was brought up by Fox and she organized the process for getting the vest.

"She approached us and said this was something she was really passionate about, keeping the four-legged members of our police department a lot safer too. She actually started the whole process, contacted the non-profit, and got everything going."

Blum says the vest will provide more protection for Riley as he's working in the field.

"This is the end result is what we have is something that's going to keep him safer because Riley does do tracking and so when we're out tracking somebody it will keep him safer out there."

Fox also donated half of the cost of the vest which is about $1,050. Vests range between $1,795 - $2,234, they have a five-year warranty and weight about four-five pounds.

The vest has been embroidered with "In memory of Tommy Decker EOW 11/29/12" in honor of Officer Tom Decker who was shot and killed in the line of duty four-years ago.

Cold Spring Police Dog, Officer Riley receives bullet resistant vest. (Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)