COLD SPRING -- Cold Spring may soon have a new park in town.

The city has been researching different park ideas since the idea of a splash pad was presented to the council in January.

The Splash Pad Committee along with the Park Board decided on creating a new park in the Granite Landing area, on the corner of Main Street and 2nd Avenue South.

The city council has approved buying the land in that area to be used as a park. City Administrator Brigid Murphy says the park will have several features besides the splash pad.

"We're looking at putting in a shelter, picnic/gazebo area, band shell, probably some water features, and we'll tie it into the trail, and do a trail head/restroom area."


Park plans also include a playground, benches and bike racks.

As for funding the project, Murphy says the city has been working with different developers to get an idea of how much the splash pad would cost.

"We know depending on the size of the splash pad itself, the number of sprayers and other features, that's what drives the cost. So we're looking at probably a $250,000 splash pad."


The cost for the other features inside the park is still being determined. Murphy says so far the city has only bought the park's land.

"There is a committee that is in the process of starting a foundation that will look to get some donations and gain support that way from private funds."


The city's goal is to have the park open by summer of 2019.

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