St Paul, one of Minnesota's oldest cities, is no stranger to strange things.  Paranormal things.  And Summit Avenue in St. Paul has quite a few places to tour that are said to be haunted. And since this is a guided tour, you will be assured to get the full stories along the way.

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The first thing is that you will learn a lot about a city that you may not have known as well.  This is a guided tour.  So there will be all sorts of tid-bits that you may or may not have known about that will be brought to your attention throughout the tour.

Some of the haunted places in St. Paul include:


This place is riddled in scandal.  In the 1870s, the Forepaughs started a dry goods business.  They built a 3 story mansion near downtown St. Paul.  They needed some help to keep the place up, and hired some people to do that.  But an affair happened between one of the maids and Joseph Forepaugh.  The maid, Molly, ended up pregnant.  Joseph moved his family to Europe.  He came  back to St. Paul and wound up committing suicide.  Molly also committed suicide within the house.

Now closed to outside visitors, the mansion was in operation as a romantic French restaurant from 1976-2019. Joseph and Molly sightings have been reported inside the mansion and both ghosts are said to be quite sociable.


This mansion is located on Summit Avenue, and is considered to be the most haunted place in Minnesota.  There is said to be several paranormal entities within the house.  It was converted to apartments, and was put up for sale in 2012.  The price was reduced due to the amount of hauntings within the building.  Fun!

There are several other haunted places within the area.  You can see them all here, and most of them include people dying in various ways in each of the buildings.

If you'd like to stick around Summit Avenue area and get the guided tour, which could be a fun/different activity to do in the Winter, you can check out their link St Paul: Mansions of Mystery Guided Ghost Tour.  Right now is off season (obviously hypes up around Halloween) so you can get a less expensive tour.  According to their website, the tour takes about an hour and a half to two hours.  Perfect afternoon.... or evening if you choose.

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