It's funny how something you fought against so vehemently as a child, you now cherish and enjoy as a guilty pleasure.

Well, shed that guilt trip. A study out of Switzerland, says taking a nap is actually really good for your heart.

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In fact, researchers found that taking a nap or two in a week actually reduced your risk of stroke or heart disease. More so than people that didn't nap. Few of us manage to get enough shuteye at night , so a nap is just what the doctor ordered.

To tell, the truth, I don't think I could give up my naps even if they were bad for me.  But, really, how could they be bad. I'm not eating bad food, not smoking, not drinking and not spending any money. How could that be anything but healthy.

If napping was an Olympic sport, I'd have a trunk full of gold medals. I literally can nap anywhere, anytime. This tends to irritate my wife, who has trouble sleeping, even at night.

I tell her it's simple. Close your eyes and go to sleep. Maybe it's that I'm just simple minded. Whatever, if I could teach people to sleep like I do, I'd be a billionaire.

Some simple tips are;

  • Don't think about negative things like problems, etc.
  • Forget work. All that will be there when you get there in the morning.
  • Think of pleasant things like what would you do if you won the lottery?
  • The more you slow your mind down, the easier it will be to go to sleep.

So, let's all bow or heads and doze off for awhile

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