It's going to be a beautiful Saturday night so go out and laugh at Comedy Night at Benton Station. Two comedians and live music to follow. Door open at 8 pm, comedy starts at 8:30 pm. Listen all week to win and get on the guest list for you and up to 3 other people.


Headliner: Mike Marvell

Milwaukee comedian Mike Marvell puts on thousands of miles
a year, traveling across the country, telling jokes and stories
about his family and life in Wisconsin. Married for over 27
years with three kids, his comedy offers material that
everyone will definitely relate to. When Mike hits the stage, it’s
like you’ve known him forever. He’s the guy next door, that
crazy cousin, or your brother-in-law (the one you like).

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Featured Comedian: Andy Fisher

Andy Fisher is the kind of affable every man that brings
nonchalance to being on point. His act is a blend of stories,
observations, and pontifications about marriage, parenthood,
and modern life that playfully refuse to pull any punches.
Andy is energetic and fun, and he leaves audiences feeling like
they’ve known him for years. With a hallmark of likability, his
attitude is infectious, his style is memorable, and his sense of
humor is unforgiving



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