Now, we always hear about these great things to make you healthier, and it always sound basically like you are eating dirt.  Here is something that is great, if you like cheese.  It could help you to live longer.

Jacob Wackerhausen/Thinkstock

That is a study that I will absolutely take the test to see.  I love cheese.  The girl in the article is eating pizza... somehow I don't think that is exactly what they mean, but still... there is cheese on it.  So who am I to argue?

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Now, granted, the study was looking at different forms of brie.  And that is not my favorite.  In fact, I kind of really dislike brie.  But after this study, I feel like maybe I need to revisit that again.  I mean... it's cheese.  Maybe there is a way to eat brie that I can like??  Anyone have a recipe?  Maybe I could just incorporate it into something else.  This, instead of just spreading it on a cracker.

I don't like brie.  *sigh*