I'll admit it, basketball is really not my thing.  But since I live here in the great state of Minnesota, I do know what's going on with Minnesota sports teams, for the most part.  I know that some t-wolves fans are seeing some "hope" for the season, because of some scoring records and such.  The thing that stuck out to me, however, for this season was the tribute to Prince that will happen several times this year in the form of new "City Edition" uniforms.  It's a tribute to native Minnesotan, Prince.  As a HUGE Prince fan, I think this is one of the coolest things that is happening.

The first one, as you can see by the video will be happening on the 16th of this month.. I can't believe I'm saying "this month" either... November.

If you'd like to see the entire "plan" and what this means for the Wolves, and Prince fans, check out the article here from the StarTribune.  


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