A couple months ago I wrote about Costco hiking prices on popular products, including gasoline. They (allegedly) held off as long as they could before hopping onto the hike-wagon.

Now, the cost to just shop at Costco is going up.

Costco To Raise Membership Prices This Year

For the first time since 2017, the price of a Costco membership will rise. The Gold Star basic tier membership increase to $65 (from $60) per year while the upper-tier Executive membership rises to $130 (from $120) per year.

One plus for Executive members: the 2% cash back limit increases from $1000 to $1250 per year when the membership price goes up.

But What About The Costco 'Dogs and Chickens?

The legendary $1.50 hot dog combo remains at $1.50, and the rotisserie chicken stays at $4.99.

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