We've all heard about the "Teen Challenges" that have been making the rounds on social media. You know, the Tide pod challenge, the Bird Box blindfold challenge, etc.


The latest, and I can't believe this could be real, as cruel as it is, the Gone Missing challenge. This is where a teen will purposely go missing for 48 hours. yeah, you read that right. Why any teen would want to put their parents through this kind of hell, I have no idea. I really hope this whole Gone Missing challenge is just a hoax. That would semi restore my faith in kids today.


Every parents worst fear is their child going missing. To do this as a prank seems extremely cruel, causing unnecessary worry and anguish for parents. Not to mention, the possible waste of police resources. All for an idiotic teen challenge.

I highly recommend you tell your kids that this is over the line, as far as pranks go.

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