Craft beer has really become a great thing in the last few years.  Almost everywhere you go there is some sort of brewery with a different take on many brews.  Some you will absolutely love and others are a hard pass.  But the great thing is that there is usually something for everyone if you like beer in general.

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Each brewery has their own take on everything from an IPA, EPA, sours, seltzers and anything and everything inbetween. Some you may love and some not so much.  But the bottom line is that you can usually find something that you will like.

There are new breweries popping up all over Minnesota. Sometimes it's fun to make a plan to tour each one throughout the year.  There are even some promotions that will allow you to do that with a map so that you can keep track of which ones you have tried and what you have left to try while keeping them geographically friendly.

There is a new brewery planned to open this coming summer.  It's actually an old brewery which is closing, and a new one will be popping up in it's place.

Lakes and Legends Brewery in Loring Park, Minneapolis will now be opening as Bruhaven Brewery.

Co-founder Glenn Oslin said he and fellow co-founder Alex Doering completed the purchase last week.

"We've acquired Lakes & Legends Brewery in downtown Minneapolis. L&L has been a long time staple in the community and we are honored and excited to continue to support and help leave our mark.

According to the former Lakes and Legends website, the planned opening date is just listed as "opening early Summer 2024".  So, soon?

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