This will consume you for the entire weekend, looking through thousands of the most hilarious ads on Craigslist. There's a handful of their picks that come from Minnesota that are noteworthy in there too.

It turns out that Craigslist has quite the sense of humor, and most of us didn't even realize it. Since 2000 they've been keeping a running list of the funniest ads they've come across, and the total now is at 5021 ads to date.

Some of these ads you may have seen in Minnesota before too! Do you remember any of these ads that stood out from others?

Coffee Table of the Gods (Minneapolis Craigslist)

This coffee table is perfect for someone with a cocaine habit or shooting a porno movie.
As you can see from the photo, the majestic beauty of this coffee table rivals earthly treasures such as: the color of the sky at sunset, the laughter of a small child, and infidelity... [see full Craigslist post]

Screw shoveling and you can all kiss my butt, too (Minneapolis Craigslist - CAREFUL NSFW)

Dear Neighbor - I'm not gonna shovel out the walk, so you might as well call me in now.

I work 12-14 hour days. My wife left almost a year ago to go relive her college days (she's f#@*ing the third or fourth in a line of grad students at the U of M, from what I hear) and saddled me with the mortgage and car payment. The dog now hates me because he's cooped up in one room all day long when he used to be home with the wife (too busy doing yoga to stay limber for the college studs to get a job when we were together) and could go outside or at least have run of the house all day... [see full Craigslist post]

Breakdancing (Minneapolis Craigslist)

I would like to learn how to breakdance. Right now I can turn my arm into a robot, but that's limit of my skillz. I figure my chances of getting phone numbers will increase by at least 38% after I spin about on my head in front of cute girls. In exchange for teaching this 27 year old the art of serving phony rappers, I'm willing to teach you calculus... [see full Craigslist post]

Again, you will spend all weekend looking at these ads and laughing your butt off. What else are we going to do as 8 inches of snow falls in mid-April? I have a new found respect for Craigslist after seeing these humorous postings!

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