I guess this stuck out to me a bit more because this person- the victim, was from Harmony.  Before I lived in Rochester, I had never heard of the town Harmony.  But now I know that it's a very cute little town.  Much like something you would see on a TV show.  Like The Gilmore Girls or even like the Walton's.  Yes.  Something that wholesome.

Someone was driving a normal (for this day) vehicle and another person, who was Amish, and the victim, was riding in a buggy.  Like a horse drawn buggy.  The person driving the vehicle was apparently intoxicated and crashed into the buggy.  Then he left the scene.  He is being charged with both drunken driving, vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident.  I mean this was a fatal hit and run accident.

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I get that we, in the modern world, see the traditional Amish as something kind of "different".  Maybe as something "in the way".  But they really do a great job of keeping to themselves and living their own lives without bothering anyone, for the most part.

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It's just sad to see this at any time.  But when it's a fatal crash with a buggy that's almost as horrifying as hitting a pedestrian or a kid on a bike.  Something like that.  They didn't stand a chance.

If you ever have a chance, travel to the South Eastern part of the state.  Visit Harmony, Wabasha and little storybook towns around the area, You will see what I mean.