I think as I've gotten older, my faith in mankind has diminished some. I actually look both ways before crossing a one way street. That's how little faith I have.

During the week, while working in St Cloud, I rent an apartment over on the SCSU Campus. Recently, they have put down some new paint on the crosswalks on campus. It looks good and was much needed.

My worry is that students walking on campus will enter the crosswalk without even looking up from their phones, having total faith that whatever is coming will see them and stop. Very trusting, in my opinion.

The worst and most dangerous crosswalks are the ones by the roundabout on University and 5th Avenue. When entering, or trying to, the roundabout there is usually a bit chaotic and the crosswalks there just add to it.

Believe me, I am always very considerate of pedestrians but crossing in those crosswalks is a clear and present danger to those walking. especially those not paying attention.

I can only suggest that both students on foot and driving, just pay attention.

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