I know I speak for the Minnesota sports masses here when I say, the COVID can CO-AWAY. Everyone is tired of everything that this damn virus has disrupted. When it comes to us Minnesota sports fans, it's like the COVID NUKE dropped on our sports world.

But the past is the past, and we can't change it. So, where are we currently sitting with our favorite Minnesota professional sports teams?

Let's start with the Minnesota Twins. Since it's summer, and that's the sport that should be happening right now, starting here makes sense.

Minnesota Twins / MLB

Currently, MLB owners and players are trying to negotiate a deal to have some kind of semblance of a baseball season. Talks haven't been great. Players don't want to give up any money, and owners want players to take less money since they're not playing a full season. Here's the latest:


That sounds like a decent deal to me.

There are more 'in's and out's, and what have you's,' but basically, we have millionaire players and billionaire owners holding fans hostage while they try to figure out how they're going to survive.

Baseball already has a fan problem. They've been losing young people for years now, and the latest Astros scandal hasn't helped their cause. If the two sides don't work something out this year, and soon, it will not bode well for the future of the sport.

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