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Kids with disabilities break my heart. Most often their disability is no fault of their own. And I can't imagine being a kid and NOT running around (metaphorically) terrorizing the neighbors.

Stan Winston School via YouTube

Portland, Oregon resident Ryan Weimer has five kids, three of whom have been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and are relegated to wheelchairs.



Perhaps you've seen the occasional picture on the internet featuring a child in a tricked-out wheelchair for Halloween (see what I did there?). Ryan has done that for his kids, and he wants to help other kids get full enjoyment out of Halloween.

Ryan has started Magic Wheelchair, a non-profit "that turns wheelchairs into the envy of every trick-or-treater." These guys do NOT mess around either. $3000 goes into decking out each child's wheelchair. Dragons are a popular choice, and they nail it!

Stan Winston School via YouTube



This year, Magic Wheelchair aimed to raise $15,000 to fund five kids' Halloween costumes. People responded by donating over $25,000.

Kudos to Ryan Weimer and Magic Wheelchair, today's "Happy News Over Angry Music" story!

Feel free to donate to the cause.