I love my dad and he's not in the best of health at the moment.  But I always appreciated what that man did for me as a mentor, a father and yes,  a friend.

My father is a wine drinker and I usually buy him wine for Fathers Day, Christmas and his birthday.

I appreciate a good wine myself, it makes a nice gift, you don't need to know his size and it's nothing he has to assemble. Just pop the cork , maybe let it breath (red wine, usually) and enjoy.

Korbel California Brut and Sweet Rose are always a favorite. And if you are delivering a gift of bubbly on Father's Day, you might want to chill the bottle first, because dad will almost certainly pop the cork pretty quick for friends and family.

A good wine for casual enjoyment and easy drinking might be a chardonnay or maybe a Moscato. Again chilled is best for these two wines.

You could consider a zinfandel if your dad isn't a real wine drinker.

Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Blanc are great with food, as are reds like  Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Merlot.  Keep in mind these types of wines are a little on the dry side, but they complement cheese and crackers well.  Or bring it up a notch and enjoy a nice, delicious juicy steak with the reds.

If your dad prefers a more warm and forceful type character to his wine, he might prefer a brandy.

Whatever the choice you make for your father whether he be a true wine drinker or not it's always the thought that counts.

Happy Fathers Day!

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