Being a Baby Boomer, I don't recall any toys being considered actually dangerous. Of course, those were different times. There were an abundance of kids then, so losing a couple here or there, I guess, didn't make much difference. This was a time when there were no seat belts in cars, no bike helmets and dirt was an everyday part of life. Jarts were outlawed years ago because of the sharp and heavy tips causing a lot of head injuries.  Odd that you can buy an AR15 assault rifle but Jart lawn darts, nope. Too dangerous.


According to these are the other toys to watch out for this year:

Water Balloon Slingshots. Evidently kids have figured out that you can launch other stuff that's much more fun, and dangerous.

Big Wheels and other low rider tricycles.  These have a visibility problem. You certainly don't want your kid driving his Big Wheel of a cliff or something. .

Swimming pools. Even those little pools you fill with the hose. Young kids can drown in as little as 2 inches of water.

Slip & Slides. Collisions are the big problem here. Kids sliding into things or other kids can cause head, neck and spine injuries. They say it actually states on the box, FOR KIDS ONLY, NOT FOR ADULT USE. I wonder if they figured alcohol use would just increase the danger

Stay safe!  -Baxter

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