Dateless teen, Wyatt Cheatle, from Brighton High School in Rochester, NY didn't know who to ask to prom and mentioned to his family that he might just go by himself.

One of his siblings joked that he should wear a dress because he wouldn't look half bad. This got Wyatt thinking and eventually he came up with the idea of going dressed in a half suit, half dress outfit.


Wyatt and his mom went to Goodwill and got everything he needed, to make the hybrid prom outfit, for less than $25. Wyatt and his mother put the prom attire together and a friend came over to apply his makeup.

Lipstick and eye makeup on one side of his face and he was ready to go. Friends all gave him high fives for his "epic" outfit.

Wyatt has quite the sense of humor. Wonder if he got lucky? (sorry)

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