Okay, I think this deaf guy is really pushing it. He's suing Pornhub because they don't offer closed captioning on their porn videos.

I'm not sure what this he thinks he might be missing. A few grunts and groans and let's not forget the riveting dialogue these videos offer.

His name is Yaroslav Suris and he just filed a class action suit under the Americans with Disabilities Act because Pornhub doesn't provide closed captioning for some of the videos he "enjoys" on Pornhub.

Oh, and he also wants damages.


He's not new at this suing stuff. He has also sued Fox News and the New York Post over the lack of closed captioning on the videos on their websites, in the past.

Pornhub responded to the crazy lawsuit by stating they do have closed captioning on their website. You just have to go to the Closed Caption category.

(ABC News)

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