Dear Baxter,

A few days ago I was starting out my day as I usually do. I kissed my husband good morning and headed out the door to go to work. About 2 blocks from our house my car just quit. I could get it to start and was going to call for help. Well, it seems i had left my phone at home and since I was only 2 blocks from home I hiked home to get my phone and see if my husband could help. When I walked in the bedroom to get my phone, I was shocked to see my husband in our bed with the 20 year old girl that lives next door. This caught me completely by surprise.  I'm torn about what I should do. Any ideas?

Patricia from Sartell, MN


Here's my response:

Hey Patricia,

These things happen. Did you check and make sure you had gas in the tank? If so, I would be led to believe it's either your alternator or possibly your battery. I'd have it checked out by a mechanic and hopefully it's nothing too expensive. Hope this helps.


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