Dear Baxter,

With Spring right around the corner, I mentioned to my wife that maybe it's time to buy a motorcycle and enjoy the nice weather coming, riding around like I see so many others doing.  She did not like the idea one bit.  For the last month we have argued back and forth and finally she just said, "Go ahead, do whatever your want".  So, I ordered a nice new Harley and now she won't even speak to me.  What the hell?


Becker, MN


Tom, Tom, Tom,

It's a common mistake many men make. You obviously thought "Go ahead, do whatever you want" meant "Go ahead, do whatever you want."

Not the case, Tom.

You have two options. First option, purchase a million-dollar accidental death insurance policy with your wife as beneficiary. This worked for a friend of mine. His wife actually encouraged him to ride more and even in bad weather. She even started teasing him for wearing a sissy helmet.  Option two would be to sell the bike.  Hope this helps.




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