Dear Baxter,

I've been married to my current wife for about a year now. We just recently moved to a new house and began unpacking things that have been in storage. Every time she comes across something that I had when I was with my ex, she wants to throw it out.  She says she wants no reminders of "that woman" in our house. So far, she has thrown out a complete set of dishes, Half my CDs, a perfectly good bed and all my pots and pans. The thing that gets me is she wants no reminders of my ex but at the same time, she has two kids that look just like her ex. Would I be going to far if I brought this up as an argument?  I mean, at least my stuff doesn't look like my ex.

Leo       Monticello, MN

Hey Leo,

First of all, how unpacked are you? I wouldn't bring that up. I'm guessing she is more attached to her kids than you are to your stuff. Grin and bare it and remind her once in a while that the only thing that reminds you of your ex is her jealousy. .

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