There has been so much talk about social media and how fake posts will many times fool the average reader.  And sometimes that post is done so well, that you really have to look a bit before realizing that yes, it is fake.

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Yesterday I saw one with former president Trump and president Biden hanging out together at a cabin, walking in the woods, putting some crafts together, etc.  It looked so real, and is obviously fake.  Although it did make me think about the question of why are these two guys running for president again?  Such a stressful job, why not just go and enjoy your golden years, be a grandpa, and take some time to relax.  But that's a whole other subject.

I also saw another post that some people were taking to be a real post.  Some people did notice the source of the post and realized that it was indeed fake, but it looks pretty real.  But then you would have to ask yourself how that could possilby happen.... escape from a zoo?  But if that were the case, there would be so much more coverage on the news, tv, radio, internet, etc.  But no... just this one source.

It was a supposed tiger loose in Crow Wing County.  Just hanging out, minding it's own business.  There is a supposed reward for information leading to it's capture, and to alert the MN DNR if you see it.

But if you look at the source of the post you see that it's from the Crow Wing County Department of Memes.  That should alert you that the post is completely fake, but some people still fell for it.

It looks pretty real

So, if you see this tiger alert the DNR!  There could be a reward waiting for you.  (sarcasm).

Something to keep in mind with the election coming up, just be vigilant about fake posts on social media.

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