Hole-In-the-Wall restaurants are some of the best places to get authentic, homemade and delicious food. Often they're found in a unique space. If you’re like me, you tend to feel like you have this great secret that you get to share by taking people there.  Even if the place is well-known, it still feels like your secret amazing restaurant.

A Hole-In-the-Wall restaurant is often nondescript from the outside, a place you might walk right by if you didn't know about it. But once you know about it, you want to shout it from the rooftops.  For Minnesotans, that’s Al’s Breakfast in Minneapolis.

Photo by Google Maps
Photo by Google Maps

We knew it already, but now thanks to MSN’s 50 Best Hole-in-the-Wall places to go for breakfast in each state, lots more people know.

This tiny breakfast location is popular thanks to breakfast plates like corned beef hash and buttermilk pancakes you can get with everything from sweet corn kernels to strawberries and sour cream. Keep in mind that the space is usually crowded (you can also order for curb pickup), but if you don’t mind that you’ll be in for a treat.


If your going to start the day right, start it with Als!

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They have everything from scrambles and omeletes to pancakes and waffles.

If you've never been to Al's, know that they're not kidding about it being a "tiny breakfast location". It's reportedly the narrowest restaurant in Minneapolis at just 10 feet in width.  It's got 14 stools at a counter.  That's it.  It was famously constructed in a former alleyway between two buildings.

People go there just to see the size and many post to socials about it.  Al's Breakfast is located in the Dinkytown neighborhood near the University of Minnesota.  Know before you go that there could be a line!  With only 14 stools it fills up quickly.  Just plan for it and enjoy the wait knowing that the payoff will be an incredible and filling breakfast.

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