In a time when everyone is trying to eat a bit more healthy, I see so much saying that "this is the best", "melt fat right off with this", "Keto is the way to go", "Paleo is the way to go", "high protein, low carb"...what are you supposed to do?

Well, for me, I just kind of go with what I think is good, use some common sense and look at the calories compared to activity level.

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I found this recipe... it does happen to claim to be KETO, but it actually just looked really good.  I thought I would try it. I love the fact that this can be done all in one pan.  You can use a deep frying pan or skillet if you don't have a wok, I did use a stove-top wok.  It's deep enough for the coleslaw mixture- which is the thing that takes up the most room until it's reduced by saute'.

So, here are the results:

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