To say that 2020 was really a bitch is putting it pretty mildly. Just about everything in our daily lives was affected.  Whether it was working remotely, being laid off due to lack of business, state mandates or just not being able to spend time with extended family and friends. It was a struggle for just about everyone.

Delta Holds Meetings In Effort To Avoid Bankruptcy
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It was a year ago today that Governor Walz had bars and restaurants closed down for indoor dining.  That pretty much put the hurt on a lot of people like owners, employees and, of course, customers.

The travel industry in Minnesota and the rest of the country ground to a halt. Not being sure if it was safe to fly and if you did would anything even be open when you got to where you were going?

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Many people, including myself, had travel plans for 2020 and decided against going anywhere until things calmed down a bit. I wasn't the only one, travel through Minneapolis/St Paul Airport (MSP) was down nearly 60% compared to the previous year.

Now with people getting vaccinated and with mask usage it looks like this month could be the biggest travel month in a year.  Even though I planned to travel last year, I didn't go as far as buy any plane tickets.  I just didn't know what was going to happen.

Well, if you had plans to travel last year and bought tickets, chances are you probably had to cancel your trip. Most airlines issued vouchers to those that cancelled and you had a year to use them.

If you were booked on Delta Airlines and had to cancel your travel plans due to the pandemic, Delta is really stepping up and taking care of there customers.  Since the year is just about up for voucher holders that had to cancel travel plans early on in the pandemic, Delta has extended the vouchers until December 31st, 2022.

Although most other airlines are doing the same, it's best to check with your airline and find out exactly what their voucher policy is.


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