COVID-19 Minnesota

Is There A Minnesota Mask Mandate Or Not?
For the most part, most places I've been to are enforcing the mask mandate. i know sometimes it can be frustrating. Especially when you forget to grab your mask from the car and end up trekking back to get it.
Restaurants are having a tough time with social distancing and not being able to seat …
Thinking of Traveling to Costa Rica? Think Again Minnesotans
Costa Rica has always been on my bucket list of countries I'd like to vacation in. Friends have told me that is is a paradise and fairly inexpensive.
Well, I may have to postpone any plans to travel to Costa Rica because, like just about everything else we took for granted in the past, the COVID…
Target Also To Require Customers "Mask Up"
Minnesota based Target Corporation announced today that starting August 1st, customers will be required to wear mask while shopping in any of their nationwide stores.
Target is the latest to implement this rule.  Walmart and Sam's Club recently announced their mask requirement and Kohl&apos…
It's Not Junk Mail, It's Your Stimulus Debit Card
If you happen to be one of the four million people getting their stimulus payment via a prepaid debit card, keep an eye out for it in your mail.
It looks like it could be junk mail but it's not. Chances are you will be getting your stimulus payment in this manner if the IRS doesn't have any…

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