Every year I am urged to get a flu shot to ward off the ugly virus. I have yet to actually go through with getting the shot, yet I encourage others to get theirs. Why would I do this?  The way I figure it, if everyone else gets the shot, who am I going to catch it from?


Brilliant?  Probably not. I've heard some real horror stories about this years flu bugs. Hope and pray I can escape it once again.

I rarely get sick. maybe a small cold here or there but never much to worry about. I always joke that germs think I'm already dead and move on to someone else.

I've also heard so many people say that they got sick shortly after getting the flu shot. Experts say this can not be, because the vaccine virus is dead.

You see the signs in the chain drug stores offering flu shots fairly cheap. You can also get vaccinated for shingles and some other things that I'd really hate to contract.

Have you had yourself vaccinated from the flu bug this year?  If not, why?

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