We all know how much the Bud Light Dilly Dilly phrase has been all over the place almost to the point of nauseam.

Annoyed Baby
carlyecurly, web.stagram.com

And I'm sure you heard the story back in December of the brewery in Minneapolis who were trying to name a beer Dilly Dilly.  They received a very creative cease and desist from Bud Light.

They were also rewarded 2 Super Bowl tickets for their own creativity.  Now THAT was cool.  Are they using the tickets themselves?  NO- they are going to give them away..raffle style.  They have a goal of raising $50,000 for 25 charities, chosen by the 25 employees.  

How cool is that??  Some people saying that they would love to win the tickets, but it isn't even because of the game, it's because of the good that the money will do.

Dilly Dilly!!

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