Have you ever wanted to see a plane crash up close and personal? Not just the wreckage, the whole thing from start to finish. Well, you're going to get the chance with out having to be a passenger, thanks to the Discovery Channel.

A new series on Discovery called 'Curiosity' will premiere this fall and the first episode is going to take you inside a Boeing 727 jumbo jet loaded with cameras and crash dummies.

The actual crash just happened this past Friday (April 27th) in a remote desert in Baja, Mexico. The 170 seat 727 was taken up by a pilot who had a camera attached to him,  followed by another plane that was packed with cameras and remote controls, and the remote desert ground was littered with cameras, all to make sure every part of the crash was documented.

Once everyone was in place the pilot initiated the crash, sending the jumbo jet plummeting toward the ground. He safely parachuted from the aircraft minutes before it hit the ground, and the crash continued to be controlled by remote controls on the plane that followed.

As entertaining as this will be to watch, it was also a learning experience. It has never been safer to fly, but there is always room for improvement. Hopefully this crash will help airlines discover where those improvements can be made.

In the pictures that have been released you can see that the front portion of the plane was completely detached, but the back part stayed fully intact. Looks like I will be booking my seats in the back of the plane from now on...

You are going to have to wait until next fall to see all the footage, but it is definitely worth looking forward to.