Earlier last year rumors of Disney rebooting the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchised surfaced, and almost as quickly as they starting spreading they officially announced that Johnny Depp would not be reprising his role in the legendary series.

Sources state that the fact that the last couple of installments of the franchise financially underperformed, and that is largely what contributed to Depp’s departure. Personally, I have some enormous disagreements with this decision.

I don’t think anyone is ever going to be able to replace Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. He is a one of a kind character. Not to mention, if you saw the last installment of the series, you know that the plot line seemed to be intentionally left open to continue the story with the original characters – something that I was rather excited about.

However, outraged fans have started an online petition to bring the actor back to the series to reprise his role as the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow. Apparently the petition has had enough success that Disney is actually considering bring him back to the franchise along with Orlando Bloom who would potentially reprise his role as Will Turner. Personally, I don't think the Pirates franchise needs a reboot. They should simply continue with the story line that has already been established.

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