Boating while intoxicated is basically the same thing as a DWI- driving while intoxicated.  Everyone really does know this.  But the DNR is making it even a bigger deal or crackdown, if you will, this weekend.  The high heat, as we are experiencing, can lead to drinking just to stay cool.  But generally you won't even feel the first 2, and by the time you do feel it, you are already over the limit.  .08 is still the limit whether you are driving a car or a boat.  Same punishments go into effect as well.

Seb Oliver, Getty Images

The high water has also brought on a new issue this holiday weekend.  Some docks are submerged, and you run the risk of hitting something you otherwise would be able to see.  If you plan on heading to the St. Croix, you will have to go super slow, as there is currently a no wake rule being enforced until the water recedes enough to see the now hidden obstacles.

PHOTO: Tim Lyon

The DNR is making a 3 day crackdown on these situations, as they do every year... but this year has the added issues with heat and high water.  Bottom line, designate a sober driver for your boat. And also make sure to drink enough water and stay hydrated.  Both your liver and your head (from no hangover) will thank you in the morning.


Happy weekend and stay cool!