Craft beer.  It seems like the new thing that has been around a few years... so not actually new per se, but yes, still new in relative terms.


I used to think that I didn't like craft beer.  It was always so bitter, and I was just not into it.  The breweries were always really cool, so I liked hanging out in them, but actually liking the beer... not so much. I would usually find one that I could "tolerate" but would really rather drink something else.

But now, I find out that the ones that I wasn't liking were usually the IPAs.  Those are a bit more hoppy, and I think kind of bitter. I usually tend to like the fruitier tasting ones.  Turns out, I'm not alone.  AND the breweries around the St. Cloud area are great for having those options.

I found this poll that was taken regarding craft beers and what people like.  Turns out that most people like a crisp, clean tasting beer, followed by fruity, then dark.  I used to also think I didn't like dark beer.  Well, it depends on the dark beer... some better than others.  Love the peanut butter and chocolate flavors.  But I usually can only have about 1 or so of those, then go back to something lighter.

If you want to check out some of the breweries around town (when we can- but you can still get some beer to go now) are Beaver Island, Bad Habit, Pantown Brewery, Granite City, and Third Street Brewhouse.  If you want to go out of town a bit, either towards the metro or towards the Brainerd Lakes area, there is a bunch more!  Get a designated driver and have fun with a tour of breweries!  Again, when we can.

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