Black Friday is one of those things you either do or don't.  I will gladly put myself in the "Don't" column.


To tell you the truth, I've never participated in a Black Friday frenzy. I have seen videos and pictures of the chaos and that was enough to convince me that his tradition was not my idea of a good time.

Maybe I've just seen the worst examples of Black Friday but just the thought of waiting in line to be part of a dog eat dog stampede doesn't interest me in the least.

Have you ever received a really good deal? A deal so great that risking life and limb was totally worth it? Funny, I never hear many success stories.

My wife will head out every other year, or so.  I don't think she ever actually took advantage of the deals. I think she just likes to watch the mayhem, which I think, maybe, is what a lot of people do.

Are you taking part in the Black Friday chaos this year/

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