When I was growing up, the only weird thing that we did was open gifts and celebrate Christmas on the actual day.  Like Christmas morning.  I now know that it really isn't all that weird, it's just that while I was growing up, everyone I knew did everything on Christmas Eve.  So we were the weird family.  You know, when you are a kid, and you do something different than the other kids you know- you're weird.  Turns out- not that weird.

Christmas gifts and toys around the tree

Now I've heard some actually weird traditions that happen,  Like people watching scary or just straight up horror movies every Christmas.  Odd, right?  Or on the list is dressing up your cat in a Christmas outfit.  I don't think that's weird.  Doesn't most everyone have some sort of thing that they do with their pets on holidays?  Maybe it's because it's a cat?  Mostly people dress up their dogs.  Now, if it was a bird- I'd think that was weird.

Christmas pets

What else ya got?


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