The mother of the "real" Jeremy has not spoken out. She hasn't done that every before.  Jeremy Dell committed suicide at Richardson High School and Pearl Jam named a song after him.  It's been 27 years.  Now Jeremy's mother is talking about it publicly.  

She says she wants every one to know that his death did not define his life, but the day he died everything changed.

Getty Images, Gareth Cattermole
Getty Images, Gareth Cattermole

Anyone who has had a death like this in their family, or a loved one knows that everything does change.  And no one wants this kind of a death to define their life.  No one wants the conversation and they way people remember them to be "oh- yeah, so-n-so committed suicide- I remember him/her".  It's awful.

There are some comments and thoughts from people that were around at the time of Jeremy's death, that are included in the article.  And the fact that Pearl Jam did a song about it is a pretty good memory of Jeremy.


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