I ran across this article.  I thought I knew most of the answers.  And I do know quite a few of them.  But some I was surprised when I found out who inspired some of these romantic songs.  Like Rosanna Arquette.  I did know that she was the inspiration for the song by Toto- "Rosanna".  But did you know that she was also the inspiration for Peter Gabriel's song "In Your Eyes"?  I had no idea.  I just remember that was the song used in the movie "Say Anything" with John Cusak.

There are several others too.  Especially like the Eric Clapton/Patty Boyd obsession.  Quite honestly, I didn't realize that she was that pretty.  There's a picture, and she was definitely attractive.  But the thing that amazes me so much about that story was the fact that Clapton and George Harrison actually remained friends after this whole situation.  How many people do you know would remain friends after said best friend is making serious moves on your wife??  I guess it was just a different time.

It's a great article to check out.



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