I have a dog... and yes, I speak to my dog like he understands everything that I am saying to him.  He will occasionally tip his head to the side like he is either questioning what I'm saying to him, or he is nodding in agreement.  Either way, I'll take it as he's understanding me.

group of five dogs
Zoonar/Erik Lam/Thinkstock

I would feel sort of ridiculous if someone was witnessing this behavior; although it pretty much happens on the daily.  But now I read this article... I like it.  Of course.

I'm not sure that statement is totally accurate, but I'll take it.  Even if it's really just to make myself feel less nuts for having full on one sided conversations on the daily with my dog.

So- now we can all feel better about having full-on conversations with our pets.  Just don't do it in public.


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