We've all seen the commercial for Cadbury Eggs. The clucking bunny.  It's been around for what seems like forever.  The last few years Cadbury has been allowing people to enter their pets into a contest to see who will be the clucking pet with bunny ears.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

Last year a disabled dog won the contest

This year it could be your pet.  You just have to dress them up in bunny ears and take a picture of them and send it in.  What do you have to lose?  I may enter little Sammie, our Cavachon in this contest. That is,  if he will sit long enough with bunny ears on.  That might be the biggest hurdle.

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Not only could your pet be the in the clucking bunny commercial, but there is also a $5000 cash prize!  Score!  Last year's winner, Lieutenant Dan (cute, right?) will serve as one of the guest judges.

Just like we always say, this year there have been so many pets adopted.  One of them could be the one that wins this contest.  So make sure you take a picture of your pet.  I'm going to!  Why not, right?  Won't lose anything... per se, but you could win this thing.  And also, didn't it used to have kids in it acting like clucking bunnies?  Wasn't there a kid who says "Thanks Easter Bunny, bock - bock"?

Anyway, this could be the year for your pet.  Check out their Instagram post and enter!

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