We all know that music can be used for healing.  Your mood can be affected, along with just a sense of well-being.  When your mood is better, you can feel better in general, and may help in the healing process.  Positive attitude and happiness aids in the treatment of illness.

Let's go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  Orthopedic surgeon Elvis Francois has been using his gift of song for a few years in his medical career.  He finds a way to use music in every aspect of his day to day activities at the hospital.  Whether he is in the OR or just long overnight shifts.  And now he has found a co-worker who shares his love for music.  Dr. William Robinson.

The two put together a YouTube video that went viral.  And because of that, and the good that they do for the sick kids at Mayo, Ellen Degeneres invited them to be on her show, Ellen.  One of the things that Ellen always says as she ends her show is "be kind to one another",  The doctors love that she does this and were excited to be on the show after the viral video.  They told some of the patients that they were going to be there and everyone was pretty excited about it.  The show aired yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.

Wouldn't you just love to have these fun loving, music loving doctors treating you and/.or your children?  Some of the kids who have cancer, and are in and out of the hospital, or some that are not allowed to have visitors because of their condition get a morale boost just from them singing.

Nice work, doctors.

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